2020 List of Donors

Thank you!

With all of the unknowns in 2020, the one thing we could count on was you – our members and supporters – who continued to support the Conservancy at every turn. You followed us on social media, tuned in to our virtual events and lectures, and donated both time and funds to help us save nature at this most critical time. Our continued success over such a challenging year was only made possible through this support.

$50,000 +

Brookfield Renewable
Keith Campbell Foundation for the Environment Inc.
Clark Associates Charitable Foundation
Clark Associates Inc.
County of Lancaster
High Foundation
Anne Schwartz Hoehn
Estate of Anne Schwartz Hoehn
Sarah Jeffords
Hon. Paul A. Mueller Jr.
PA Department of Conservation & Natural Resources
Powder Mill Foundation
Ressler Mill Foundation
Thomas A. and Georgina T. Russo Foundation
Thomas A. and Georgina T. Russo
J. William Warehime Foundation

$25,000 – $49,999

Caernarvon Township
Dobson Foundation
Donald C. and Ingrid Graham
Carol T. and John F. Pyfer Jr.
Paul and Cindy Sauder
Willis and Elsie Shenk Foundation
Turkey Hill Dairy, Inc.
Estate of Sarah N. And Robert F. Vanderslice

$10,000 – $24,999

Susan P. and Randall T. Byrnes
Chesapeake Bay Foundation
City of Lancaster
Conservation Foundation of Lancaster County
Eurofins, Lancaster Laboratories
Sarah and Dudley Feltham
Ferree Foundation
Kitt and William R. Gamber II
Anne D. Gardner
Bernadette and Eugene Gardner Jr.
Daniel T. Guthrie and Lynne Smith

Lancaster County Community Foundation
Saranna B. Miller
M. Brooke Minnich and Peter Parsil
Eric A. and Deana Nordstrom
Ned and Debra Pelger
Irwin and M. Susan Richman
Margaret Swartz
TETO Corporation
Leonard R. Walton and Linda Ann Gort
E. Philip and Kim Wenger
Philip R. Wenger and Steven Dinnocenti

$5,000 – $9,999

Atlee Hall LLP
Brookhills Investment Group – RBC Wealth Management
Chester County Solid Waste Authority
Forrest and Kathryn CollierIII
East Earl Township Board of Supervisors
Electron Energy Corporation
Exelon Generation Company LLC
J. Michael Flanagan
Flyway Excavating Inc.
Fulton Bank
Brian and Dorothy Grimm

Thomas A. and Pamela E. Hall
Sara and Manish Lamichane DMD
Lancaster County Clean Water Consortium
Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority
Lancaster General Health | Penn Medicine
Richard L. and Lynda O. Levengood
Wilson D. McElhinny
Clark McSparren Jr. MD
Barry Martin and Lee A. Nettke-Martin

Pennsylvania Land Trust Association
Pine Tree Conservation Society Inc.
Stephen R. and Sharon Rannels
Rettew Associates Inc.
Edward L. and Kathy H. Schoenberger
Barry and Barbara Shaw
R. Scott and Gloria Smith
Smith Foundation
Stroud Water Research Center
Michael H. Walmer and Elizabeth Masciale Walmer

$2,500 – $4,999

Tim Arpin and James Henning
Beth Andrew Realtor
Larien G. and Nancy Bieber
Frederick and Heike Bloom
Robert K. Bowman
Spike and Jenny Brant
Rebecca S. Bumsted
Chris Bunting
Elizabeth and William H. Calder Jr.
Thomas Hills Cook
Gary A. and Margaret Cross
Jennifer de Magnin
Donegal Trout Unlimited
Christopher C. and Maia L. Ginder

Ely and Abbie Gonick
Patricia Haverstick and Kreg Weaver
Hershey Company
Inframark LLC
Julie Jones MD and Richard Zook
Lancaster Civil Engineering Co.
Lancaster County Bird Club
Landis Communities
Elizabeth Martin and Angela Harnish
Richard A. Minnich
Margaret J. Neff
Arthur D. and Marcia Pangburn
Penn Stone

Austin J. and Rosella W. Rich
Nicholas F. and L. Jean Selch
David R. and Barbara Singer
Gregory Smolin
South West End Inc.
St. Boniface Brewery
Lucille G. Steele
Unitarian Universalist Church of Lancaster
Marjorie A. Walker
Sandy and Michael Wege
Douglas P. Weidman and Linda Lestz
Daniel and Miriam Wert
York Ag Products Inc.

$1,000 – $2,499

Frank M. and Margery Abel
Eric N. and Laura Athey
Barley Snyder LLP
Thomas A. and Elaine Baum
Benchmark Construction
Norman H. and Margaret E. Blanchard
Barbara M. and William R.A. Boben III
Beth Y. Bowers and Cathy L. Hainley
John H. and A. Joanne Bowman
Brenda and Nikolas Buescher
Peter A. and Millicent Christie
Columbia Park Rangers
Conestoga Oral Surgery Ltd.
Adam and Tracey Davis
DC Gohn Associates Inc.
Brenda and Joe Deluca
Design Data Corp.
Jeffrey D. and Erin Detwiler
Salvatore Dina Jr. and Mary A. Kryjak Dina
Linda and David R. Dobbins Ph.D.
Jane Eastman
James D. and Mildred A. Eby

Steve and Carolyn Fetrow
Sarah Young Fisher
Cheryl and Wyman B. Fowler III
Jennifer and Jon Frank
Daniel C. and Karen Good
Edgar L. and Sandra R. Grove
Mark and Kelly Gutshall
High Companies
Caroline Nunan Hill
Andrew Hoover
Roland Jermyn III
Elizabeth A. and M. William Jones
Jayne Thomas Kennel
Paula Koda and John Trescot
Stephen M. and Bonnie Kraybill
Lancaster County Conservation District
Lancaster Road Runners Club
Jennifer and Chad Lauver
Lemon Street Market
Bruce R. and Lynda Limpert

John and Laurie Little
Andrew P. and Margaret J. Lutz
Estee and John Lynch
Pamela R. Lyons-Neville
Manheim Imports
Edith May
McKonly & Asbury LLP
Bonita Miller
James J. and Rebekah Morrison
Patricia K. Mortenson
Natural Light Films
Travis and Mink Neely
Nancy E. Parker
Alan S. Peterson MD
Physicians of Orthopedic Associates of Lancaster
Ellen and Carl Pike PhD
Premier Custom-Built Cabinetry
Barbara Reist Dillon Esq. and Jesse Dillon
Richards Energy Group Inc.
Eudora K. Roseman
Jamie and Stacey Rottmund
S&T Bank

Dennis W. and Lorraine A. Schmick
Frederick Schroeder Sr.
Schroeder Gardens
Richard and Susan Seavey
Jean Sharf
David and Kelly Shenk
Robert A. Siever
William and Deidre Simmons
Follin Smith
Richard and Deb Snavely
Donald and Libby Steckler
Mary Sweger
Daniel S. Sweigart
Steven Sylvester and Ann Oslislo
Trout CPA
Jeremy M. Tshudy
Ann and George S. Weaver III
Carla S. and John C. Weidman II
Amy J. Wenger
Steven G. Witmer
Wohlsen Construction Co.
David A. and Cheryl Zegers

$500 – $999

John R. and Julie W. Ambler
Alan and Susan Andersen
Mark W. and Lena Arbogast
Dan Ardia and Elizabeth Rice
Mark and Adrienne Atlee
Atomic Design
Sara Bare
Luke A. and Anne Marie Bingaman
Atle and Laura Bjanes
Alicia L. Black-Kirby
Richard J. Blakinger
Nancy R. Blechschmidt and Joe Seventko
Drs. Jean Boal and Cynthia Davis
Emily Broich
Kathleen J. Bucher
Michael K. and Carol Burnley
Frank J. Byorick III
Andrea B. Campbell
Cedar Meadow Farm LLC
Kristy and Gene Clark
Carolyn Cook
Chelsea Cunningham
Joseph R. Deerin
DeLaurentis Studios | Ann DeLaurentis, Artist
Sylvia J. and William F. Delong III
Ryan and Sacha Dodson
Lisa and David Doseff
Douglas S. Estep
Stephen Fala

Tanya L. Fitzkee
Michael Flanagan
Raymond and Ann Foley
Ronald W. and Brenda F. Fritz
Jeffrey P. and Linda Gabriel
Gerald G. and Donna Gibbs
Mary Beth Glick
Jeffrey Gonick, Attorney
Linda I. and Robert F. Groff Jr.
Peggy and Thomas Hall
Sharon Hargrave
Henrietta Heisler Interiors Inc.
Hershey Paper Company
Charles E. Hewitt
S. Dale and Sadie High
Mary Huwaldt
Robert H. and Ruth Justice
James J. and Carolyn Karl
Melinda Kaufman
Patrick Kelsey
M. Diane Koken and John K. Herr III
Robert M. and Hale A. Krasne
Phyllis G. Kreider
Alex and Christina Kruger
Joanne B. Ladley
Nancy J. Landis
Rebecca H. Lattanzio
David Lengeman
Life Changes Realty Group

Todd and Heather Lindsley
Robert Lucking and Sara M. Seibert Lucking
Edward D. and Barbara B. Maley
Francis J. and Joy Manning
B. John McGrann III and Mara Creswell McGrann
L. Joyce McKay
Michael G. and Linda McKinne
Joseph and Erin McMonagle Jr.
Barry Mellinger
Deborah and Keith Mink
John and Rebecca Modene
David L. and Nancy A. Myer
Benjamin and Melanie Neff
Mark F. and Hazel A. Nestleroth
Mary Lee Nissley
Kristin and Tracy Oberholtzer
Octoraro Native Plant Nursery Inc.
Patricia J. and Walter D. Otto
Scott P. Pellman
Elyse Pollak
Gayle Rannels
RGS Associates
Ruthann L. Richards
Paul D. and Shirley Risk
Christine Sable and Steven Geisenberger
Mark E. Sandblade and Kristin H. Jones
Clair and Nancy Sauder
Valentina Schade

Ernst and Jennifer Schaefer
Ernest and Jo-Ann Schreiber
Robert L. Schroeder
Susanne Schucker
H. Gregg and Bonnie L. Schuler
Gary W. and Christina Seldomridge
Peter L. and Laura Shaida
Marcus and Gail Sheffer
Richard A. Shoemaker and Kerry Zeiders
Richard Shoup and Christine Longenecker
Joe E. and June Shriver
Scott A. Smith and Bev Achey
Richard and Susan Stamm
Steven M. Steinsnyder and Lisa Spuhlet
Guy Steucek and Helen L. Dunlap
Patricia T. and Stephen E. Stockwell
Kenneth G. and Susan Stoudt
Marvin Stouffer and Linda Sadler
John G. and Amy Swanson
Laura Watt
Robert B. Weinstock-Collins and Beth E. Graybill
Emily and Brian West
William and Phyllis Whitesell
Larry Williamson
Stephanie Witmer and Shawn Jacobs
Barbara and George Xakellis Jr.
Willis L. and Joanne Zimmerman
Jonathan and Cecile Zorach

$250 – $499

Gregory Adkins
Advanced Cooling Technologies
Align Wealth Strategies
Patrick J. and Marian Anderson
Marlene S. Arnold
Tracy and Bob Artus
Susan J. Atkins
Mary Ellen Bachman
Peter and Kara Barber
Sara Ann and Randall S. Bauer
Renie and David Beidleman
Susan E. Berntheizel
Mary S. and Charles B. Blakinger
Terry and Susan Blue
Robert S. and Reba Bolinger
Roxanne and Jim Bolinger
Mary and Stephen L. Broich
Christopher N. and Lynn Brooks
Justin Carroll
Bryan Cashdollar
James Castanzo
Jeremy H. and Karen Chase
Roger J. Cohen
Peter and Joan Coste
Jeanne Dailey
Michael F. DeBerdine III
Nancy L. Diem
John E. Dixon
Ted and Patrice Draude
Katie Eckman
Philip and Barbara Ehrhart
Eric Esch
Patricia A. H. and David Eschbach III
Glenn P. and Shari B. Farrell
Laura and Justin Fisher MD
Andrew Foley
Judy and Rufus Fulton Jr.
Roderick R. Gainer
Katy and Bernard F. Gallagher

Peter and Carol Gallimore
Gerald H. and Suzanne Ganse
Jay Richard and Shirley L. George
Kathie and Jeffrey Gonick
Nancy J. and Joseph F. Governali
Louis Gray MD
David Groff
Elizabeth Groff and Kerry Halloran
Julie Halteman
Bronwen Hartranft
Christopher and Elizabeth Hasircoglu
Jennifer E. Hassel and Kelly Tillery
Connie and Perry Hazeltine PhD
Jeffrey L. and Patrice M. Hazlett
Robert J. and Lynne A. Heins
John B. and A. Bryer Helmer
Jesse Hereda and Daniel Wu
Caroline and Daniel C. Herr Jr. Esq.
Clair and Elizabeth Hess
Caitlin Higgins
James K. and Lisa Rae High
Highland Presbyterian Church
Marita Hines and Eugene Hilton
Patricia and Jay Hoberg
Sharon W. Hoover
Steve and Sophia Hower
Mary Lou Huffnagle
J. Michael and Kathleen Hurst
Isaac’s Famous Grilled Sandwiches
Alan Jacobs and Lisa Helfrich
Diane and Joseph Kalata
Brenda S. and Timothy L. Kauffman
Michael R. and Nancy Klinefelter
Mary Ellen and William W. Kopetz
Susan Kostalas
Aubrey and Tyler A. Kreider PE
R. James and Alice Lafferty
Jeffrey N. LeFevre
Ann and James R. Leonard Jr.

Christina Leslie
Gilbert W. Linde and Mary Ann Spotts Linde
Ned and Cynthia Longenecker
Tom Malesic
Robert B. and Melissa Marchalonis
Robert and Patricia Marion
Bruce R. Martin and John Haney
Loren L. and Beth Martin
Elsa A. and Robert W. Maust
Leanne McFalls
Sara V. McMorris
Michael and Cheryl Miklos
Curtis L. and Jennifer L. Miller
Hannah Miller
Judith C. Mueller and D. Alfred Owens
Russell Mullen
Rory Murray
Hagai and Sarah Nassau
Kermit M. Norris
Juliette O’Connor
Drs. Randall and Roseanne Oyer
Dolores and Wayne C. Parsil
Passenger Coffee
Robert Paul
Lynn W. and Timothy W. Peters
Wade Peters
Paul C. and Carol E. Petersen
Scott and Brenda Phillips
Anna M. Rakoczy
Thomas G. and Linda Reidenbaugh
Russel R. Rife
Steven P. and Kimbell M. Risk
Bruce and Sarah Rodenberger
Roseanne M. Rogers
Travis E. Rohrer
Kenneth and Jill S. Ruhland
Curtis Sano
Larry D. and Margaret H. Saunders
Sharon and Gerald Schauer

Judith A. Sharp
Corey and Karen Shenk
Mary Louise Shenk
Patricia Shenk
Leigh S. and Kathleen Shuman
Woodrow H. and Doris S. Sites
Thomas and Barbara Smithgall
Doug and Melissa Snavely
Megan and Benjamin Snell MD
Robin D. and Robert Stauffer
Barbara Stengel
Richard and Marianne T. Sullivan
Michael Taboga
Louise Nunan Taylor
Brandon J. and Abigail Tennis
Chris G. and Anne Theodoran
Fletcher and Susan Thomas
Gretchen J. Thomas
Marlisa Thomas and Sheldon Wenger
Lara Thompson MD
Wendy Tippetts and Toby Richards
Ryan and Elle Trainor
Rebecca VanGilder
Jeffrey J. Wagner
Susan L. Washburn and Kristin Rehder
Marian Weaver
Robert D. and Karen Weibel
Charles H. Weigley
Tracey Weis
Harold G. Wenger Jr. and Julie Walsh
White Rose Leadership Institute dba Give Local York
Matthew Wiggins MD
Jon C. and Catherine D. Williams
Richard Willitts
John and Jeannette T. Wolff
Michael Zawrotuk
Robert M. and Ann Zemsky
Gale M. Zorian and James D. Hagelgans
Thomas Zunino

$100 – $249

Andreas and Carol Aastad
Robert W. and Vivian S. Abel
Advantage Metered Concrete, Inc.
Lisa and Robert K. Aichele Jr.
Anne Albright
Jeffrey K. and Gail E. Alexander
Margaret and Allen Alexander
Paul E. and Susan Allen
Barbara Altmann
James E. Amigh Jr.
Lynn Ammon
Nicholas and Katie Amos
Thomas W. and Barbara Andersen
Diane Anderson
Paul Anderson
James W. and Cathryn Z. Appel
Ardent Construction, LLC
Kay Arnold
Nancy S. Arnold
Salvatore and Teresa Astarita
Duncan Aston
Carol J. Auster
Patricia A. and Lewis Ayers
Pamela Bacharach
Wendy Baker Davis and Lester Baker
Leo Balzereit
Glenn S. and Dorothy Banner
Paul Barber
William F. and LaraLee Bash
Randall A. and Christine M. Bauman
Eric Baytala
Kenneth O. Beam
Kenneth P. Beard
J. Marlene Beiler
Kenneth A. Beiler and Pamela Mimnall Beiler
Donald Benninger
Eric Berman and Jane Eddy
Carla and Paul D. Bewley
Nancy Bickley
John and Jennifer Biemiller
Carl Biers Jr.
Stephen Biers
Judith V. Blakey
Randy C. and Kristine L. Blasdell
Joan and William R. Boben Jr.
Daralice Boles
Paul C. and E. Flere Bomba
Susan L. Bonekemper
Gerald S. and Paulette K. Book
Jasen Book
Linda Boomer
Betsy J. and Ralph D. Booth
J. Gordon and Carole Bosler
Michele Bote
Christy Bowditch
Susan L. Bowser
Boy Scout Troop 16
Craig W. and Karen Boyer
Nicole Boyer
Anita S. Bradley
Margaret Brant
Joanna Brelvi
Timothy J. Breneisen
Donald D. and Jacqueline Brennan
Robert J. and Linda Bresler
Samuel J. and Linda Bressi
Rebecca L. and Robert R. Brewer
Judith S. and Jack R. Briner
Ellen L. Brinton
Tracy Broderick
David Bronson
Susan and Mark Broomell
Constance M. Brown
Curtis and Lois Brown
Gina Brown
Janel B. and Robert J. Brown Jr.
Jeff Brubaker
Theodore and Stacey Brubaker
Rita Bruccheri
C. Ann Brugger
Mark A. and Dorothy C. Bruns
Matthew C. Bruns
Roberta Bruns
Clinton Bublitz
Leslie J. Burlingame and Doris Maria Bailey
Wanda C. and Edward A. Burnap Jr.
Tom Busch
Donna Kay and Michael Byrd
Rebekah Cafrelli
Janet and Philip L. Calhoun
Donald G. and Marsha Campbell
Jean and Bruce Campbell
JoAnn and Roddy Canosa DO
Michael Carey
Edward and Angela Carle
Laurence E. and Janet T. Carroll
Maria G. Cattell
Kevin R. and Joan Caulfeild-James
Brett Chalupa
James Chamness
Bradley and Sheila Charles
Anne Clair
Kathleen C. and Clarence H. Clark
Murl E. and Sandy Clark
Dennis and Fern Clemmer
Susan Beekman Clough
Regina and Bob Coia
Robert Coleman
Forrest and Kitty Collier
Elizabeth Concra
Zach Corbin
Geraldine Cosgrave
John and Catherine Cox
Polly W. and Theodore S. Coxe Jr.
Jennifer Craighead Carey
Kenneth E. and Janet Craley
Annalisa Crannell and Neil Gussman
Ann S. Creitz
Stephen G. and Jeannette-Marie Crnkovich
Cub Scout Pack 134
Miles Cubbison
Memory and Raymond D’Agostino Jr.
W. Douglas and Marylynn Darmstaetter
Thomas P. and Joan Dautrich
Cathy and Larry David
Donald E. and Esther G. Davis
James W. and Sallie Davis
Peggy Dawson
Lucy and Jon de Perrot
Steven Deck
Michelle Delany
Ann and Rudy DeLaurentis
Betsy Delisle and Pete Oswald
Richard S. Dellinger
Stephen and Michelle Delong
Ethan and Anna Demme
Robert H. Devenney
Jose Diaz and Dorothy H. Vertti
Reed and Janet Diem
Greg Dissinger
Clifford and Daleela Dodge
Donna and Ernie Doerschuk
Michael A. Domin
Valerie Domoto
Bryan Dorsey
Norma Downie
Michele and Roy Dubbs
Constance Dunlap Santarelli and Donald E. Santarelli
Cynthia Adams Dunn
Samuel Dutton
Susan W. Dyson and Tim D. Harkleroad
David S. Eaby
Martha Early and George Wallace
Marilyn G. Sanko-Ebel and William K. Ebel Jr.
Dawn Eby
James R. Eby
Economic Development Co. of Lancaster County
Ellen Eddy
Harry Edwards
Jerry Egan
Carol Emerson
R. David Emley Jr.
Richard and Rae Ann Entz

Margaret Eppig
John R. and Barbara Ericson
Rosalind D. and Dennis W. Ernest
William H. Erwin and Ann C. Pautler
Dwight A. and Lisa Esbenshade
Chatarina Eskered
Greg and Janice R. Estabrook
E. Terry Euston
Curtis Evans
Shannon Evans
Judith Eyster
Carol and Robert B. Falk Jr.
Daniel J. and Claudia Falvey
Wes Farmer and Hilda Shirk
Philip and Allison Ferrara
Sandra Fichthorn
Kenneth W. Fillo
Thomas and Carol Fish
Jesse Fluck and Elizabeth Esbenshade-Fluck
Margaret Folk
Donald N. and Barbara A. Forney
Cynthia G. and Frederick S. Foster-Clark
Len Francella
William Frantz
Scott and Nora Frick
Rebecca and Robert Friedrich
Richard D. and Nancy Frush
Marc Frymyer
Thomas and Elaine Fulmer
John F. and Ann Fulton
Ronald E. Funk
Donald P. and Julia Gallagher
Bonnie Gallo Minkler and Peter Minkler
Judy and Randall Garber
Dolores E. Garrett
Lisa R. Garrett and Adam Doughty
Wendy Gayle
Robert M. and May W. Gaynor
John R. Gerdy PhD
Marjorie M. Gerhardt
Jeffrey L. and Mary Gerhart
Robert M. Gethner and Marjorie R. Bardeen
Allyson Gibson
David B. Gibson
Andy and Priscila Gilburg
Glenn H. and Mary Jane Gingrich
Kerry Givens and Barbara Martin
William M. Gleason and Sandy Gardosik
Jess Gockley
Stephanie Godfrey
Lisa T. Godwin
Kay L. Gontner
Leon W. and Elaine W. Good
Robert B. Good Jr.
Karen and David Gorgonzola
Robert J. and Dorothy Gottlieb
Grace Lutheran Church
Hilary A. Grant
Thomas F. and Barrie Gregory
Gerald G. Groff
Kristina Groff
Jerrold L. Grosh and Ann King-Grosh
Donald R. and Frances Gross
Mary Beth Grubb
Robert R. and Moira Grubb
Jason and Abby Gryszkowiec
Kent C. and Elizabeth H. Habecker
Linda F. Hable
Pam Hagen
James A. and Sandra Hall
Muriel L. and Charles E. Halsey Jr.
Nancy and James A. Hamill Jr.
Kelly E. and Robin L. Hamm
Alyssa and Matthew Hannigan
Phil Harnish and Robin Williams Harnish
Wayne E. and Rosalie Harnly
Janet and David Hartle
Keith A. Hassler
Joni and Fred Hauck
Michael T. and Gail Hauck
Carol Hawk and Walter S. Poyck
Henrietta Heisler
Violet F. Helenthal
Erin Heller
Audrey Hemler
David Hendel and Kathleen O’Hara
Molly and Alexander Henderson
C. Dale Hendricks
Joseph M. and Janice L. Herman
Catherine Herneisen
Elizabeth Herr
James and Cindy Herr
John and Kathleen Herr
Lori Herr
Steven M. and Peggy S. Herr
Andrea Herr Turoff
Mary Lou and John S. Hershey
Eileen S. Hess
J. Robert and Nancy Hess
Marlin Hess
Melissa Hess
Melvin H. and Laura Hess
Roy Kenneth and Joanne S. Hess
Jyuji Hewitt
Carol Hickey
Jay Marlin Hillard
Krista Hipple
Caroline and Paul Hoffer
Melissa Hoffman
Diana S. and Doug Holbrook
Kristin Holloway
Anne E. Hopkins
Michael T. and Jennifer L. Horst
Lyle and Joy Hosler
Mark and Kim Hottenstein
Raymond and Susan Hottenstein
David and Kay Hougendobler
Rod Houser and Mary Lou Weaver-Houser
Kevin Houston
Kay Hower
Heather Huffnagle Hubbard
Jacqueline D. Huber
James A. and Alace Humphreville
Charles W. and Nancy Hungerford
Peter L. and Barbara Hunsberger
Elizabeth F. Hurley
Everett Hutchison
Steven Hynicka
Daria Indeck
Jim Ipsen
Theodore C. Jackson
Robert E. and Nancy A. Jacob
Susann and Michael Jennings
Elizabeth Johns
Jacquelyn M. Johns
David W. and Patricia Anne Johnson
E. Elliott and Sara P. Kaebnick
Linda Kane
Martin R. and Carol D. Kapell
John R. and Patricia L. Karr
Elizabeth E. Katz
Michael and Charlotte Katzenmoyer
H. Dale and Stephanie Kaufman
Brenda E. Keener
Kathy Keener Shantz
Laura Kemmick
Sharon and W. Thomas Kennedy III
Eric and Elizabeth Kennel
Marianne Kerlavage
Anne Ketchum
Albert Kiely Jr.
Cynthia Kilbourn MD and Mark Rast MD
Gregory C. Kile
Andrew Kindig
Jessica King and Chad Martin
Zoe King
Gregory Kinsely
Abby Kirchner
Jeffrey T. and Tracy J. Kirchner
Timothea Kirchner
Stephen A. Kirsch
Lindsay Klatzkin
Richard H. and June Klemm

Kenneth Kline
Joan M. Klingler
Evan and Becky Knappenberger
Frederic Knerr
Christy and Dave Knox
Mark and Valerie Korman
Cindy and Richard Kovacs
Dean F. Kreamer
Robert and Roberta Krewson
Quentin Kruger
Stacey Kubis
Keith R. and Barbara G. Kuhlengel
Jason P. and Nnenna Kuntz
Kristina M. Kurjiaka
Nancy Kurland Hill
Douglas W. Kutz
Holly M. and Dave Kutz
John D. and Kay Lahr
Alta Landis
Barbara Forrester Landis
Bette Landis
Robert J. Larkins and Carolyn Taby Larkins
William Larson
Roger C. Lawn and Bonnie J. Kirchner
Pamela J. Lazos and Daniel Eberly
Gary and Judith Leauby
Larry H. and Patricia Lee
Reagan Lehman
Sheryl and Wayne Lehman
Craig and Jane Leid
L. Scott and Giovanna Lerner
Katherine E. Leser
Sarah and Chris Lesser
David Lewis
William and Cindy Libhart
Janet Lind
George and Mimi Lingg
Theodor Liss
C. Patricia and David R. Lloyd
Lorna Long Mentzer
Sally and Darryl Lownsbery
Doris and John Lyons
James M. and Marcie Mack
Kelvin Mack
Shirley A. Madison
Mary Ellen and Tim Mahoney
Teresa Maier
Manheim Sportsmen’s Association
Douglas A. and Karen Mann
Howard B. and Jennifer G. Mann
Jill and Louis Marotti Jr. MD PhD
Laura Marquez
Diana Martin
Jacqueline Mast
Keith R. and Judith Maurice
George D. and Jessica H. May
Eric McCamant MD
Tyler McCardell
Richard E. McCarty
C. Clair and Peggy McCormick
Mark and Stacy McEligot
Anne McGrann
Julianne S. McNamara
Caitlyn McNaughton
Tom and Pippa McPhillips
Debra Meckley and Michael Eshleman
Donald L. and Alta Mellinger
David and Suzanne Meskers
Paul and Gail Metzger
Harry and Pam Middleton
Clifford and Joyce Miller
Diana Miller
Jared E. and Megan Miller
Joseph D. and Stephanie Miller
Kenneth G. and Dorothy M. Miller
Kirk and Catherine Miller
Philip and Gretchen Miller
Colleen Milligan and Michael Hurrell
Molly and Charles F. Milner Jr.
Barbara M. and Kendrick N. Mobley
Elizabeth and John Modern
Kendra Mohr
Mary Ann and Stephen L. Mohr Sr.
Sarah and Stephen L. Mohr Jr.
Sean and Mary Ann Mollohan
Anne M. Montgomery
Ann A. Moore
Carol L. Morgan
Patricia H. and Albert Morrison III
Victoria Mowrer
Betty and Samuel S. Moyer Jr.
Robert D. Murphey
Susan M. Musselman
Gary Musser
William M. and Betsy Musser
Damon Myers and Efram Magtagnob
Anna L. Neal
Dianne Neal Loper and Thomas Loper
Wendy S. and Timothy P. Neiss
Conrad W. Nelson
Lathrop B. Nelson Jr.
Nancy Newman
Peter C. and Sue Newswanger
Ronald E. Nickel and Elisa Morrison-Nickel
Barbara F. Niemann
Brenda Noonan
Anne E. Norton
Peter M. and Ruth Nunn
Russel J. and Shirley Nyland
Steven and Julia Ober
Mary Louise Oehlert and Clifford J. Haynes
Fred and Priscilla Oppenheimer
Kathryn O’Regan
Stanley R. and Bonnie Parent
William and Kimberly J. Patrick
Susan Paul and Christa Shoreman
Howie Pearson
Michael S. and Ginny Peppler
Personal Wealth Advisory LLC
Terry Phautz
Jennifer Phillips and Ben Hawn
Sandra Pickering
Mark Platts and Elizabeth Simons
Julia M. and Charles W. Powers Jr.
Thomas R. and Jacquelyn Preperato
Neal and Emily Pressley
Dietrich B. and Beate D. Presting
Carlos Prieto
Jay Provanzo
Christian Przybylek and Brittany Mellinger
R.S. Reidenbaugh Corporation
Tiffany Raeburn
Patrick and Ann R. Ranck
Shirley Ranck and Tom Sosnoski
William H. Ranck
Richard M. and Vanessa Rankin
Jacob Rannels
Genevieve Ray
Richard Redmond
Stacie Reidenbaugh and Rich Warner
Anne Reilly MD and Jim Orgass
Mark Reinhard
Noreen Reiser
Adriel Resh
Brian E. Resh
R. Bradford and Nan M. Reynolds
Donald Rhodewalt
Daryl W. Rice
Philip Rich
Patsy L. and John F. Richards
John W. and Sharon Riegel
John Roberts
Mark A. Roda
Thomas R. and Sally R. Rohrer
Hypatia Rojas
Michael and Catherine Rommel
Eric Roper
H. David and Deborah Rosenfeld
David R. Ross and Anita Bower
Linda Mylin Ross
Ross Buehler Falk & Co.
Nancy M. Rote

Carla and Gerald Rothacker Jr.
Jay G. and Linda S. Royer
Ronald R. Royer
Isabelle A. and John E. Rudisill
Christopher Russo
Bruce L. and Barbara L. Ryder
Ann Salmon
Lisa Sanders
Robin Sarratt and Thomas R. Ryan
John V. and Patrice M. Sauders
Susanna Schaum
Alicia Schlemm
Andrew Schlosser
Michael and Connie L. Schmotzer
Richard and Donna Schoenberger
Hans R. and Fran Scholl
Matthew M. Schousen and Melissa L. Gehler
Randy Schrecengost
Thomas J. and Antoinette L. Schreder
Kathleen and Richard Schreiber
Mary and Frederick Schroeder Jr.
James and Kristina Schroeder
Jay N. Schroeder III
Martha and John A. Schwartz Jr.
Ben Scott
Robert J. Scully Jr.
Sechan Electronics, Inc.
Douglas D. Seitz
Karen Shaffer
William J. and Eileen K. Shaughnessy
Margaret Sheehan
Susan G. Shirk
Eric Shoup
Phoebe H. Showers
Paul R. and Thea Sieber
Art and Janet Siegler
John and Deborah Siegrist
Todd D. Sikora and Jeannie Leggette-Sikora
David I. and Jennifer Silbert
Site Designs Concepts Inc.
Brisbin Skiles II and Janet Kirchner
Kristina Sloyer
William M. Sloyer
George and Falecia Smallwood
Alison Smith
Kevin Smith
Lynn Watson Smith
R. Stanley and Susann M. Smith
Stephen Smith
Kelly Snavely and Jeffrey Diem
Vernon D. and Carol S. Snow
Janine Snyder
Kyle Sollenberger
Todd Spare
Samuel J. Sparks
Carl Spataro
James E. and Carol Spicher
Michelle Spitko and Richard Lind
Edward L. and Linda Spotts
Heather St. Pierre
Bruce Stauffer
Sarah Stauffer
David L. and Page Steele
John E. and Mary Stefan
Daniel J. and Georgia Steinbacher
Beverly R. Steinman
Janelle Stelson
Timothy and Kristan Stengel
Angie and Tom Stephenson
Robert S. Sternberg
Carol and James A. Still Jr.
Daniel and Patricia Stockard
Merv Stoltzfus and Cynthia Nolt
Darcie J. Stolz-Tolan and Bruce Tolan
Will Stone
Thomas L. and Kendall Stonerook
Roxanna R. and David G. Strine
Miriam Stroh
Sarah Stuart
June A. Stum
John M. Sullivan
Vicki and Howard J. Supnik
Pamela J. and Mark D. Swank
Patricia Sweikowski
Sheryl Ann Symonds
Nicol C. and Wendy Taylor
Heather Tennies and Corey Craver
Betsy Berkley Teschner
Jennifer Teson
Mark and Jacquelyn Teson
Kathrin Theumer and Andrew Johnson
Paul R. and Sarah Thibault
John M. Thomas and Tandi Book
Kristen and David Thomas
Ronald E. and Linda L. Thome
Elizabeth and Roger K. Thompson
Teri J. Titcomb
Town & Country Garden Club
Sally Towne and Dan O’Neill
Dennis H. and Cindy Townsend
Albert W. and Nancy Trapuzzano
Christopher and Carmella Tress
Christopher Troiano
Joseph and Lynda Ulrich Sr.
Stephen and Abby Ulrich
Uncharted Lancaster
Stefanie B. Valar and Edward A. Hauck
Susan Valk Woolworth
Shari Vegso
Mary C. Veitch
John R. and Linda Waggoner
Brian E. and Susan K. Wallace
Lee C. and Connie Walp
Donna Ward Smith
Anthony J. and Kathleen Wasong
Daniel G. and Linda Watt
Gary Weaver and Jeri Stelson Weaver
Keri Weaver and Jeffery Worley
Ann Webber
Stephen Wehibe MD
Erica Weicksel-McDermott
Kevin J. Weir and Brenda Ronco
James A. and Nancy Wellendorf
Carol and David Welsh
Gary Wenczel
Hugh E. and Kathryn Wenger
Melvyn G. and Martha G. Wenger
Sandra K. Wenger
Randy Westgate MD and Meredith Aul
JoAnn D. White and Dennis Shank White
D. Douglas Whiting
Lenoir Wible
Joel Widders
Larry J. and Mary Jane Wilcox
Susan Wiley
Carla and David Wilson
Gerald Wilson
Thomas and Susan Wilson
Timothy M. and Marie G. Winger
Kevin R. and Janet Witman
Barry Witmer
Kathleen M. Witwer
Susan S. and John P. Wolf Jr.
Marilyn and John M. Wolgemuth Jr.
Jeannette Wollet
Susan Wood
Andrew and Patricia Woolworth
Robert R. and Naomi Wyble
Melissa and Joseph Yanchuck
Marie Cusick and Elijah Yearick
Chris Yecker
Andrew B. Yehl
Byard and Judy Yoder
Joyce Young
Joan and Edward C. Zellers
Nikitas J. and Diana Zervanos
Alyssa Zevallos
Todd Zimmerman and Laura Hatton
James R. and Barbara Zink
Lisa Zook Kuzdro and Kenneth C. Kuzdro
Andres and Amy Zorrilla
Jon Zuo
Adam Zurn

$10 – $99

Stephen C. and Diana Abreu
Andrew and Susan Adams
Carroll Adams
John S. Adams Jr.
Katie Adams
Marguerite S. V. Adams
Linda C. and Russell Adsitt Jr.
Carmen Ailes
Fred and Blakelyn D. Albright
Katie Albright and Colin Herbine
Luis Alejandro
William H. and Marion C. Alexander
Gregory S. Allison
Tim Altieri
Richard A. Altman Jr.
Emily Alvarez
Donna Ambrose
G. David and Nadena Ament
Hazel Ammons
James M. and Vickie Anspach
Lora Apaliski
Jane K. Appleyard
Virginia Ardia
Louise Arms
Christopher and Kathy Armstrong
Daniel Armstrong and Marilu Garofola
Paul Armstrong
Donna Arnold
Sandra and Harvey Asher
Reed S. and Elaine A. Auker
Melissa Aungst
Elaine Austin
Katherine and Nicholas Auwaerter
Kevin Baer
Nichole Baer
Katherine and Nicholas R. Baeth
Wayne Bagrowski
Robert and Alisa Bair
Kammal Baker
Diane Baldassarre
Bruce and Amy Balestier
Evelyn Balmer
Marilyn M. and F. Robert Bare
Michael D. and Donna Bare
Thomas Bare
Thomas Barkley
Jill A. Barnes
Richard J. Baron and Karen Peckham
Lisa Bartelt
Kathryn Bartizek
Evadna Bartlett
Robert Basarab
Anthony E. and Ann Beale
Robin and Jeff Beazley
Donald G. Becker
Tom Becker
Christopher Bejgrowicz
Anna K. Bell
Richard S. and Elaine Bell
Bethany Benedict
Elizabeth D. and Gerald E. Benton
Phil Bergey
Jeffrey H. and Cynthia M. Bergstrand
Joanne Berkowitz
Jeffrey and Kate Berman
Charles A. and Jane Bibleheimer
Richard J. and Sally R. Biel
Andrea Biller-Collins
John D. Bingham
Jenni Black
Yvonna L. and Frank J. Black Jr.
Aaron Blair
Mary F. and Lorin D. Blakeslee
Karen Bleacher
Bruce H. Blom
Royden G. Blom
Jorden Bockey
James L. and Diana Boettger
Kathryn Bohn
Kathryn L. and Robert E. Bomberger Jr.
Mary Louise Boomsma
Tracy Bosis
David N. Botte
Brian Bouverat
Anita C. Bowers
Kaitlin M. and John Brakeall
Patricia Branson
Eve Bratman
Sally Breakstone
James Brener
Josh and Amy Brengel
Louise S. and Robert H. Brewer
Gregory Brobst
Jason Brooks
Corey and Dawn Brown
Mary Jo and Thomas Brown
Stephen and Michelle Brown
Susan Brown
Taylor Brown
Terry Brown
Julianne Browne
Charmayne Brubaker
David Brubaker
Lydia Brubaker
Robert Brucklacher
Susan Brunsvold
Jasmine M. Bryan
Randall Bucksner
J. Glen and Linda Buckwalter
Steve Buckwalter
Alina Bun
Carol L. Buncie
Claudia Burchstead
Joyce Burkholder
Dave and Jane Busey
Donnell Butler
Hope Byers
Caroline Byrne
Francis Byrne
Stacey Callahan
Gary Campbell
James and Sarah Campbell
Robert B. Campbell
Ingrid Cantarella-Fox
Belinda Canterbury-Counts
Trudy Capers
James Cargas
Karen J. and James E. Carns
Michelle Caron
Diane Carroll
Virginia E. Carroll
Vincent Carson
Joanne Castner
James Cawley
Brandon Celentano
Kathy Chambliss
J. Andrew Charles
Charles F. Snyder Funeral Home
Keely Childers Heany
Brent Chippendale
Michelle Ciarrocca and Matthew Moore
E. Bradley Clark and Jennifer Kindig
Becky Clawson
Paul Clemmer
Shawn Clicquennoi
Ryan Cobb
Jill Cochran
Beth and Brian Coder
Sheila Cohen
Marilyn Collins
Jonathan Colon
Community Mennonite Church of Lancaster
Mark Conley
Edward W. Cook
Cornell Club of Lancaster
Danna Cornick
Christen Coscia
Cox Automotive Inc.
Ad A. Crable and Jennifer L. Kopf
Jennifer Creel
Jaye Crist
Beth Crosby
Molly Crouser
Paul and Susan Crow
Katie Crowl
Dillon Cruz
Majorie K. Crystle
Brinton Culp
Brian Cunningham
Michael Cusack
Elizabeth Cushman
Angela Cuthbert
Hubert Cutolo
D. Arthur Wilson Framing
Janae D’Agostino
Tracy Daniels
Rachelle Das
Gary and Nikki Davis
Richard E. and Marsha C. Davis
Ann and Pierre De Vitry
Nina de Vitry
Karen Deatrich
Gail and Roy Deck III
Wanda and Rob Deininger
Debra Deis
Sylvia H. DeLozier
Dustin DeMatteo
Sally S. Denlinger
Cheryl Desmond
Jane Dettrey
Susan DiBartolomeis
Elizabeth Diem
Lija Diem
Marcy Diem
Sharon Dietz
David M. and Jacqueline E. Diffenderffer
Kristen Ditzler
Tucker Dona
Thomasine M. Donovan
Sally Dorwart
Donald D. and Pamela B. Drenner
Carolyn A. Dries
Marianne Droney
Jane I. and Jeffrey L. Druce
Joshua R. Druce and Katherine Zimmerman
Faith C. Drummond
Christina Dubin
Marcy Dubroff and Steve Ulrich
Chris Dunlap
Valerie Dunn
Christopher Dupkanick
Colleen Durkin
Walter A. Durling
Brian Earley
Gail Easton
Clair Eby
Marian Eckert
Bartley Eckhardt
Lauren Edgell
C. Reath and Carolyn J. Edwards
Richard P. and Sherrill L. Eggleston
David B. and Susan Ellenberg
Jeff Elliott
Rachel Elliott
Kevin M. Ember
Kurt Enck
Robert L. Enck
Stephen Engle
Janet H. Erb
Lauren Eriksen-Monti
Charles A. Erisman Jr.
Rebecca D. Ernest
John H. Esbenshade III

Linda L. Esbenshade
Christopher S. and Tammy Esh
S. Kendrick Eshleman III MD
Laurel Etter
Dorothy S. Ezard
Peter Faben
Chad Farabaugh
Dennis and Deborah Farley
Erin Farmer
John Farrell
Frank Fasano
Erica Federer
W. Mitchell and Pia Fenimore MD
Nicole Ferrari
Tim and Sharon Fickes
Lindsay Filling
Donna and Henry W. Fischer III
Bev Fisher
Jeanette Fitzgerald
Moirajeanne FitzGerald
Michael S. Flood MD FACS and Christina J. Hilsee
Lorraine Flowers
Tim and Linda Flynn
Corey and Kelly Fogleman MD
Carol Foley Bolt
Karen Folsom
David Formica
Mary H. and Kenneth J. Forster
Tansy Foster
Patricia and S. Walter Foulkrod
Valerie Fralick
Linda C. Frank
Sam and Thomas Frantz
Kristen Frawley
Jennifer Frey
Emily Fritz
Eugene E. and Mary Fritz
Patricia S. Fry
Allison and Bryce Fuhrman
Beth Fulmer
Gerald J. and Barbara Fulmer
Patricia A. and Christian A. Funck
Calla Funk
Dan and Vicki Gabow
Linda Gainer
William J. and Margaret Gall
Roberta B. and Donald W. Gallagher Jr.
Lamonte L. Garber and Marcella Hostetler
Traceylyn Gardner
Judith Garrett
Michael Garrigan
Howard Garver
Mary Gattis
Jennifer Germann
Gail and Greg Gibson
Karen Giffin
Joe and Kathy Ginett
Anthony Gladfelter
M. Christina Glanzer
Catherine C. Glass
Alan S. Glazer
Meg Gleason
Rodney Gleiberman
Victoria Gluszko
Mark L. Goncalves
Meghan Gonick
Linford and Beth Ann Good
Gooding Group Foundation
Brad Gorter
Rhoda Goss
Patricia J. Grabowski
Jeremy and Lori Graeff
Sharon Graver
Elaine A. and William T. Gray
Casey Graybill-Denk
Daniel Greider
Keith J. Greiner
Vera Grieger
Deborah Griest
Rebecca and Michael Griffith
Morgan and Adam Griska
Jacqueline and Douglas J. Groff
Keith B. Groff
Ross and Holly Groff
Wayne Groff
Heather Grove
Kati Gruber
Norma Grundstrom
Lynn C. Gruver
John Guetter
Alfred B. and Stella Guion
William A. Gulvin
Leah Gusler
George D. and J. Elaine Haas
Shirley H. and Robert W. Habalar Jr.
Craig E. and Kristin Haberle
Beth Hacker and Sam Stevens
Richard L. Hackman
Harry H. Haddon III
Christopher Hager MD
Kathleen R. and Robert G. Hale Jr.
James Hall
Richard E. and Margaret A. Hall
Norma Halstead
Kathryn Hammer
Katherine Hanna
Melissa Hanner
Jesse Hannigan
Conor Harbeck
Jack R. Harf
Lucinda Harnish
Dennis and Vicki L. Harnly
Martha and Randolph Harris
Christina Hartman and Martin Smith
Bethany and Britton Hartzok
Patrick Hatt
Andrea L. and Maher Hattar
Monica A. Hatton
W. Michael Haught MD
Gloria and John Hawkes
David E. and Patricia Hazlebeck
Carol and Claude S. Heagy
Healing in Harmony Massage & Wellness
Sara Healy
Alvia Hearren
Bettina A. Heffner
John N. Heikkinen
Barbara and Tom Heil
Larry and Faye Helicher
Christine Hellberg and Phil Cabassa
Kevin Heller
Clair Helsel
Mary and Ed Hendrick
Douglas Henry
Nancy Henry
Susan D. Herr
Jerome Hershey
Jerry Hershey and Shelley Cohen Hershey
Gerard and Bobbie Hertel
Christine Hess
Rob Hess
Amy and Thomas Heth
Darice and Dave High
David High
Mary A. and Douglas High
Suzanne High
Marian E. and Ross Hilbert
Bobbie Jo Hilgert
Mark Hill
Richard Hill
Morgan Hilliard
Douglas Hilton
Karl Himmelberger
Christopher Hinkle
Bruce C. and Karen Hirte
Jerome Hodos
Thomas W. and Thelma E. Hodson
Judith J. Hoff
Linda Hoffecker
Alexander Hoffer
Kathleen and Thomas Hoffman
Kyle Hogentogler
Janis B. Hohenwarter
Cheryl Hojnacki
Terry R. and Judy Hollinger
Susan Honeyman
Gregory Hoover
Randall L. Hoover
Raymond and Susan Horan
Jon Horner
Jolene and Richard W. Horner III
Benjamin Horning
Horseshoe Trail Conservancy
Beth Horst
Gladys V. Horst
Ryan N. and Jessica Gale Horst
Leslie Houck
Patricia and Paul Hough
Gary R. Hovinen
Kenneth H. and Suzanne Howard
Emma Howell
Laura Howell
Meagan Howell-Brogan
Michelle Huber
Steven E. Huber
Robert and Hedwig Hunsicker
Allen and Geraldine Hurst
John Irwin
Margaret Ivey
Alison M. Izer-Boman
Melissa Jabour
Paula E. Jackson
Sarah Jacobsen
Susan L. Jacobs-Halls
Dennis W. and Constance E. Jeff
David and Kasey Jendras
Christine and Dale Johnson
Margaret Johnson
Mark Johnson
Nancy and Richard C. Johnson
Dan B. and Marilyn R. Jones
Jacqueline L. Jones
Stanley W. and Cynthia Jones
Michelle Jordan DO
Elizabeth A. and Dean R. Jurgen
Anna Kachelries and Erik Jennings
Georgia A. Kagle
Cynthia Kahler
Ramu Kaminoff
John and Ellen Kanagy
Robert M. Kandratavich and Esther Goropoulos
Rebecca Kasoff
Pamela Kautz
Ryan Keates
Lawrence Keating and Janet Masland
Alex Keller
Kim R.F. Keller
Jessica Kelly
Renee Kemmerer
Meredith Kemmick
Steven L. and Dana Kemper
Karen Kenna
Sean P. and Laura Kenny
Lois E. and Robert L Kerchner
Anthony F. and Corinne Kern
Jo Ann Kerst
Tammy Kessler
Scott R. and Janet B. Keuper
Lori and Chris Kier
Beth Kimmel
Michael R. Kinch and Marie E. Riegle Kinch
Rick A. and Midge Kinder
Sylvia M. Kindig

Christine and David King
Michael King
Carol Thompson and W. Fred Kinsey III
Lou Kirkland
Shelly Kirschner
Michael Kiwak
Kimberly Klein
Kimberly Kline
Maja Klosinska
Frank M. and Nancy Koch
Kenneth D. and Jan Kochel
Carol and Barry Kornhauser
David A. and Vivian Kovack
Mark and Jessica Kozlowski
James Kreider
Violet Kreider
Rosemary and John Krill
Ruth Ann and Jim Kroh
Nick Kroll
Sandra I. Krontis-Sipols and Uldis K. Sipols
James and Penny Kulp
Patti Kulp
Lynn Kundravi
Karren Kurtz
Maranda Kurtz
Robert L. and Marie Kutz
Kathleen Kuzmiak
Linda Lambert
Lancaster Baseball Club, LLC
Lancaster Conservancy
Jesse A. and Patricia A. Landis
Patricia Larish
Josh Lasdin
Robert P. and Janet N. Lathrop
Brian and Pamela Lavin
Ivan B. and Mary Ellen Leaman
Patrick and Teresa Leard
Alice Lee
Tracy Leed
Joseph and Kristy Legenstein
Milton P. and Lois M. Lehman
Sara Leister
Donald Lemaster
P. Craig and Sandra E. Lenhard
Kevin Leonard
Mark A. and Diane Leonard
Let’s Go Outdoors
Corinne Letts
Evan Letts
Nelson Levengood
Enza and David Lewis
J. David and Lisa Lewis
Martha and S. Todd Lewis
Steven and Margaret Linner
Lititz Garden Club
Lititz Veterinary Clinic
Evangeline Long
Gale Long
Courtney Longenecker
Michael Lorelli
Diane Loucks
Phillip Louie and Elizabeth Heim Louie
Robert and Cynthia J. Lowing
Richard Lown
Karen Lowrie
Frances A. and John Luck Jr.
Taylor Luckenbill
Ilse M. Ludewig
Diana Ludwig
Rosemarie Luettgens
J. Michael and Sarah M. Lutz
William Lynch
Stephens and Carol Lytch
Linda MacDougall
John G. and Amy MacKay
Ticia Magner
Joye Mahler
Elizabeth Marin
Kathy Markward
Brian Martin
David B. and Rachel Martin
Stacy Martin
Sue Martin
Ashlinn Masland-Sarani
Penny Mason
John E. and Phyllis J. Mast
Jonathan Matias
Janeen Maxwell and Rob Fisher
Virginia Powell May
Glen Mazis
Ellen McCabe
Donald M. and Michelle McCann
Marjorie R. McCarthy
Patricia and Randal McClune
Sally McConnell
Carla F. McCord
Ryan McCoy
Michael P. and Pam McDonald
Dona McDonough
Michael J. and Yvonne M. McGee
Thomas F. and Kathleen McGeehin
Kathleen McGrann
Gregory McKelvey
Mark McLaughlin
Leslie H. and Ann McMullen
James B. McMullin
Yvonne W. McMurtrie
Suzanne Medence
L. Guy and Nancy Mehl
Janet and Carl Mellinger
Bonnie Mentzer
Eve-lyn Merriam
Julia B. Merrill
Natalie Messner
Charlene M. Metzler
Lisa D. Michaels
Patrick Mickler
Lois Miklas
Alyssa Miller
Debra and Tyrone Miller
Devon Miller
Lynn Miller
Randall and Rhonda Miller
Judith A. Millhouse
Linda and Scott W. Minnich
Modern Art, LLC
Jennifer and Robert Mohler
Carolyn Mohn
Ronald J. and Sheila K. Montgomery
Melissa Monti
Anna Moore
Barbara Moore
Matthew Moran
David and Nancy Morgan
Karen Lee Morgan
Susan Morris
Beth L. Morrison
Courtney and Benjamin Morton
Amy Mosteller
Regina P. Mowery
Monika Moyrer
Cordelia Moyse
Debra and Alan Mudrick
Muhlenberg Botanical Society
Thomas G. and Vicki Mumma
Sarah F. Mumma-Robbins and Galen D. Robbins
Matthew Mundorf
Bruce Munshower
Goldie Murray
Margery S. Murray
Faith and Ronilo Musñgi
Stephen Musselman
Michael and Kathy Musser
Susanna Musser
Ethan Myer
Kervin and Kathy Myer
Marc Myers
W. Logan and Lynn Myers
Heidi Nafis
Kate Neff
Samuel W. and Nancy Neff
Frank Nelson
Laura Newcomer and Matt Thomas
Greg Newswanger
Rachael Newton
Joyce Nissley
Jay Noble and Heidi Leitzke
Kelly O’Connor
Nancy O’Halloran
Kevin O’Mahony
Stephen O’Neill
John B. and Susan Osborne
Thomas L. and Ann L. Overly
Samuel N. Paone
Michelle Paquin
Shannon Paris
Paige and Samuel E. Parks Jr.
Margaret Paulson
Laura Pauls-Thomas
Robert Pavlesich
Julie Peachey
Scott and Mary Peiffer
Tim Pellenbarg
Michael Pellman
H. Diane Penchansky
Brandon Pentz
Maureen Peralta and Bayardo Peralta Jarquin
Rebeca Perez
Sally E. and R. Steven Perry
Roger and Tara Petrilli
Danielle Pfautz
Larry Phillips
Selah Phillips
John H. and Mary Ann Phinney
Jayne Pickard
Jane Pittman
Betty and Vernon E. Pittman Sr.
Joseph Pitts
Hylon Plumb and Anita Pilkerton-Plumb
Victor A. and Valerie M. Poirier
John Polk
Caroline Pollard
Aurora Polletta-Green and Gerald C. Green DMD
Richard Pool
Paula B. and I. Stanley Porter MD
Jennie Elaine Porter and Gary Rosecrans
Sarah Preston
Jonathan L. and Mary Ann Price
Judith Pugliese
Christine Putt
A. Elizabeth and Theodore B. Pyle Jr.
Vincent J. and Melinda J. Quinn
William W. and Victoria M. Quinn
Daniel Ramirez
Betty Randolph
Abby Rankin
Barbara Rathbone
Cory and Kathleen Rathman
Karen Raught
Thomas and Nancy Reber
Gary R. and C. Lynn Redcay
Eric Resch
Paul and Michele M. Resch
George A. and Claressa Resh
Carol Retallack
Jed Rhoads
Dora K. and Harold S. Rhodes Jr.
Maryjane and Matthew Richardson
Jennifer Riley
Ernst and Ruth Rinder
Karensa Ritter
Johnny Roberts

Mark Roberts
Sean Roberts
Kenneth Robinette
Thomas and Karen Robinson
Katie Rogers
Celia Roggio
Deborah and Charles Rohrer Jr.
Rhonda Rombach
Mark Rooney
Edward Roper
John M. and Linda M. Roscoe
Bethany G. and Theodore A. Rosenberg
Joanna and Frankie Rosenberger
George and Harriet Rosenstein
Amanda Rosh
Bruce Roth
Michael J. and Molly Rowen
Abby Rudisill
Amy Ruffo and Howard Montgomery
Jon Rutter
Anna Ruttkay
Thomas Rymar
Salem United Church of Christ
Dave Salley
Kathryn Sampson
Martha Sangree
John C. Sapper
Karen and David Sattler
Kendra Saunders
Susan Savage and Fred Engle Jr.
Louise Schellenberg and Matt Chambers
Jamie Beth Schindler
Tim Schmidt
Douglas and Carla Schmuckle
Lori Schott
Debbie Schrodi
Gail Schroeder
Debra and Stephen Schuch
Robert and Nancy Schutsky
John Scott MD
Peter Scudner and Theresa Willner
Sue Ellen Seevers
Jessica Seidle
Tracy Seiger
Mark Seigford
Walter Senkowski
Sheryl Sensenig
Tanya Sensenig
Paul Servansky
Patricia Shapiro
Nancy Sharp
Marian L. Shatto
Carol and Carroll Shearer
Jamie Shearer
Keith Shearer
Richard and Linda Sheetz
Pam and Erich Shellenberger
Sylvia Shellenberger
Craig G. and Carol Shenberger
Karen Shenk Zeager
Lewis Robert Shingle Jr. and James Keener
Holly and Richard Shipe
Heidi Shirk
Beverly and Kenneth C. Shoff Jr.
Kim Shorter
Carl N. and Dorothy H. Shull
Carl Shuman
Sharon Sides
Shirley Siegrist
Bryan J. and Carol L. Simmons
Everett Simmons
Mary Ellen and Gary Simmons
Thomas G. Simpson and Daniela Bice Ciceri
Timothy W. and Joan M. Sipe
Rob Six
W. Danny and Charlene C. Slaton
Lindsey Sloat
Slumbering Groundhog Lodge of Quarryville PA
Roy and Terri Small MD
Barbara Smentek
Adam Smith
Barbara J. Smith
Brandon Smith
Carrie and Sean Smith
Chuck Smith and Sandra Myers
James H. and Rita Smith
Kathleen L. Smith
Kelly Smith
Paula Smith
Robert G. and Deborah N. Smith
Sandra and Charles Smith
Freeda B. Snavely
Henry H. and Lucille Y. Snavely
Jennifer Snyder
Jill Snyder
Maeve Snyder
David W. and Connie M. Solon
W. John and Joni A. Soost
Elaine Souders
Casey Spacht
Amy Spellman
Amanda L. Spencer
Patti Spencer
Timothy L. Spotts
David E. and Ruth-Ann Sprout
Christine Stabler MD
Bernice and George Stadler
Scott Standish and Jeanine Garella Standish
John R. Stauffer
Kathleen Stehman
Rachel Stellhorn
Donald J. and Debra Sterback
Jacqueline Sternberg
A. Tamasin Sterner
Andrew C. Sterner
Judith W. Stevens
Lisa Stillwell
Bonnie and Paul Stoeckl
Carmalena Stoltzfus Iyengar
Gwen Story
Mark K. and Jane F. Strassle
Steve Stroman
Deborah Stuart and Robert Totaro
Joanne Stuebe
Carla L. Stull
Tim Stutzman
Janet Sudor
Kelly L. Sumpter and Scott Murray
Philip Sutter
Karen Swam
Richard Swomley
Linda Sympson
Vanessa and Jeff Tate
Carrie A. and Jeremy J. Temple
The Fridge LLC
Kimberly Thomas
Kristin Thomas
William and Joyce Thomas
Kathryn Thompson
Jake Thorsen
Joseph R. and Brenda L. Timko
Lisa Todd
Brian R. and Barbara Tolbert
Deena and Jim Trebilcock
Tammy Tygielski
John A. Ulaky
Tara Ulrich
Douglas Underwood
Doug Valkenburg
Nathan Van Velson
Glenn and Emily Vasey
Visiting Angel Living Assistance Services
Scott Wagner
Dennis and Joy Walker
Susan and John Wallace
Glenna Walter
Ronald B. and Beverly Walton
Benjamin S. and Anne Warfel II
Larry and Grace Warmingham
Marjorie Warmkessel
Helen M. Warnke
Joellyn Warren
Katherine Warrick
Nancy Warshawsky
Steven F. and Ava Waugh
Beth Weaver
Christopher Weaver
Kayleigh Weaver
Kim Weaver
Marilyn Weaver
Mikinley Weaver
Robert C. and Nancie Weaver
Sheldon Weaver
Mary Theresa Webb
Benton Webber and Anne Almy-Webber
Diane L. Wechter
Sandra M. and Joseph M. Weidel Jr.
John and Jane Weigel
Kerry L. and Constance Weinhold
Matthew A. Weir and Janet McHenry Weir
William and Christie Weismantel
Jane I. Wenger
Tom Wenger
James West
Chris and Dru Westbrook
Alaina Wheeler
Michele Wherley
Cynthia Whitmore
Elizabeth Whitney
Allen W. and Sheri Whittemore
Mary C. and Vince Wickenheiser
Richard B. Wilcox
Anne Williams
Holly A. Williams
Judith Williams
Keith Williams
Keith Wilson
Christopher Winton
Jo Ellen Wisnosky
Jane Wissler
Clarence Witmer
Debra Wohl and Dave Bowne
Jane Wolf
Sarah Wolgemuth
Megan Wood
Margaret Woodcock
Diane K. Wright
Gregory Wright
William Wright
Sandra Yeager
Thomas C. and Stephanie Yentsch
Margery Yescalis
Joshua D. Yocum
Greg Yoder
Harry B. and Carol A. Yost
Andrew Young
Joel and Kristin Young
Penny Young
Todd D. and Stephanie Young
Douglas K. and Joanne Zecher
Allison Zechman
Roberta M. Zettlemoyer
Jautrite Ziedonis
Susan and Michael Ziegler
Jennifer Zielinski
Gaynell Zimmerman
Glenn H. and Luella K. Zimmerman
Karen Zimmerman
Kenneth Zimmerman
Shane and Ginny Zimmerman
Nancy S. Zink and Robert K. Marker Jr.
Linzey Zoccola
Larry J. Zook

Tucquan Society

Founding Member: *
Deceased: italicized 

Andrew Hooker Appel
William B. Arnold
Eric N. Athey & Laura Athey
Robert Bair & Alisa Bair
William C. Bard
P. Edmund Bechtold
Eric Berman & Jane Eddy
Anne L. Bowman & Robert K. Bowman
Elwood M. Brubaker
Joseph H. Bumsted* & Rebecca S. Bumsted*
Leslie J. Burlingame & Doris Maria Bailey
Blanche W. de Perrot
James F. Doering & Laura B. Doering
G. Yale Eastman & Jane Eastman
William E. Evans
Paul W. Eyler
James E. Farster
Kitt Gamber & William R. Gamber II

Christopher C. Ginder & Maia L. Ginder
Ford M. Gochenaur
Ralph H. Goodno & Judith Goodno
Thomas F. Gregory & Barrie Gregory
Thomas A. Hall & Pamela E. Hall
Rodney W. Harnish
Violet F. Helenthal
Robert Hershey
Anne Schwartz Hoehn
Charles H. Holzinger & Millicent Holzinger
Henry W. Huffnagle & Mary Lou Huffnagle
B. Duane Lease
Dennis C. Lueck
Emily E. Mesner
M. Brooke Minnich* and Peter Parsil*
Richard A. Minnich*
Robert K. Mowrer
Pamela Martin Nelson

J. Carl Nolt
Alan S. Peterson MD
Elizabeth Phillips-Hershey
Ellen Pike & Carl Pike PhD
Carol T. Pyfer & John F. Pyfer Jr.
Carolyn Ripple* & Paul H. Ripple*
Margaret E. Sampson*
John O. Sawyer & Ruth R. Sawyer
John R. Shuman & Theresa W. Shuman
Daniel S. Sweigart
Helen L. Unger
Stefanie B. Valar & Edward A. Hauck
Sarah N.* & Robert F. Vanderslice
Patricia A. Walls
Deborah L. Witmer & Donald B. Witmer Jr.
Marcie Woodson*

In Kind

Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay
Beth Bathe
C’est La Vie
Rob Evans
The Framery
The Gilded Lily
Estate of Anne Schwartz Hoehn
John Wright Restaurant
Lemon Street Market
Toby Richards
Walt and Kate Rowan
Kerry Sacco
Shirks Bikes
Susquehanna National Heritage Area
Phil Wenger and Steve Dinnocenti

Gifts of Land

Ralph E. Striebig


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