50th Anniversary Campaign

Protect & Restore

Providing wild and forested lands and clean waterways for our community. Forever.



Of $21 Million Raised


A Time To Act

The Conservancy’s Board has chosen our 50th anniversary as the time to launch a major campaign, creating a groundswell of support from those who believe we can impact our destiny.

We believe the time to act is now to ensure the few remaining natural lands that protect our streams, clean our air, and provide us special places to visit are protected forever.

The challenges that energized the Conservancy’s founders 50 years ago feel like a crisis today. Locally, our community grapples with how to sustainability accommodate a population that is projected to grow by 120,000 in the next 20 years. Globally, we face a climate crisis that will become irreversible in that same amount of time if we don’t take immediate action to limit global warming. The stakes are high—we must act now.

Now is the time…

Whether you’re inspired by walks next to beautiful streams, watching birds as they migrate along the Susquehanna River, educating our youth, or protecting the beloved landscape of our community, we ask you to join us in support of Saving Nature.

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$11 million to reach 10,000 acres of natural lands protected
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$7 million to restore and steward 10,000 acres of natural land
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$3 million to grow Climbers Run Nature Center into a hub of learning
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A Letter from Campaign Leadership

Today, thanks to 50 years of dedicated volunteers, professionals, and donors, the Conservancy has saved over 7,000 acres of land. Places like Clark where you can see bald eagles soar along the Susquehanna River, Shenks Ferry Wildflower Preserve where you can marvel at the spring ephemerals, or Welsh Mountain where you can hike among hundreds of acres of mature forest. Yet, our work has just begun.

The drumbeat of nature’s rapid destruction by development, pollution, and population growth continues in steady measure, but we are not powerless. We must act now to protect the beauty and life found in nature. We do this to save the creatures with which we share this world, to save our way of life with places to hunt and fish, and to save our planet from climate change.

The time has come to protect and restore this fractured landscape, to create a beautiful swath of natural lands and open space across Lancaster County and the lower Susquehanna so that our grandchildren will still be able to experience the beauty of nature.

The Lancaster Conservancy is embarking on a major $21 million campaign to —“protect and restore”— this landscape of rich natural diversity.

We must do this before all has been lost and the paradise we experienced as children is gone forever.

Waiting another generation will be too late. We must step up now.


Gina and Tom Russo


Kristy and Gene Clark
Sara and Manish Lamichane


Linda Bressi
Dale High
Julie Jones
Bruce Limpert
John McGrann
Richard Minnich
Eric Nordstrom
John F. Pyfer, Jr.
Christine Sable

Why We Give

“Preserving key elements of natural lands in our community is critical for so many reasons: it provides vital nourishment for our soul as we experience and appreciate God’s creation; it protects and restores the special places that we, our children, and grandchildren will be able to experience forever; and it ensures ongoing protection of streams, clean air, flora and fauna that are rapidly disappearing. I believe in a balance of preservation and responsible growth that is both sensitive to our natural environment, and at the same time vital to our economy.”


Protect & Restore Campaign Donors

This campaign has been blessed with incredible support from our community. We are humbled and energized. Together, we can protect & restore this beautiful natural landscape for generations yet to come.
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We Need Your Help

Gifts of all sizes are needed, and every gift will make a difference in this $21 million fundraising campaign. Gifts can be made in many forms, including cash, gifts of stock/bonds/mutual funs, personal property, and real estate. Commitments may be paid over a period of up to five years and you may augment your current gift with a new or increased planned/estate gift.

For more information on how to get involved in this campaign please contact
Fritz Schroeder, SR VP of Community Impact, 717-392-7891 x210