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We’ve compiled a short photo guide with clickable links to some of the birds that visit the Climbers Run Bird Cam most frequently! As you go about your bird watching journey, we encourage you to check out some of the many great resources on birds out there like All About Birds from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology or the Audubon of Pennsylvania. You can also get involved in local clubs like the Lancaster County Bird Club or the York Audubon Society.

Photos by Mike McKinne

About the Climbers Run Bird Cam

Spend time with the birds of Climbers Run Nature Center! This live streaming bird camera is located on a 113 acre nature preserve situated in the heart of Lancaster County, PA. Nestled beside a giant sycamore tree which sits along a restored trout stream, the camera captures birds (and flying squirrels) enjoying both the feeders, forest and meadow habitat that is protected forever thanks to the work of the Lancaster Conservancy. Climbers Run Nature Center is one of over 40 nature preserves owned by the Conservancy, and has a two story barn with classrooms that are used for citizen science, volunteer training, and outdoor and environmental education.

Birds are an environmental indicator species, which means they reflect change in the environment. For example, as we change the environment by cutting down forests, the number of some bird species goes down. As we lose habitat, we lose bird species and bird diversity, or the number of different bird species in an area. Bird diversity and abundance is declining across North America.

Climbers Run Nature Center and the other nature preserves of the Lancaster Conservancy located throughout Lancaster County and along the Susquehanna River in York, play a critical role in protecting the little remaining natural habitat that many species, including birds, need to thrive. Through the Climbers Run Bird Cam, we hope to open a window into the world of birds that need and use these protected open spaces to live. By studying and getting to know these species, we can all work together to better understand how to help save them and the habitat they need to survive.

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Past Bird Cam Recordings

We compiled some of our favorite moments from the Bird Cam for you to check out!

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