June 7-15, 2024

Lancaster Water Week

What is Water Week?

Now in its 8th year, Lancaster Water Week celebrates the 1,400 miles of streams and rivers in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. These waterways are the source of our drinking water, drive economic and agricultural growth, and allow us to escape into nature to fish, paddle, and swim. Many of these beautiful streams are polluted, but there is an incredible effort underway to bring them back to health in our lifetime.

Join us during Water Week for over 60 events as we paddle, explore, volunteer, and take action as a community to protect our streams and rivers for the future!

Photos by Michelle Johnsen

Lancaster Water Week Schedule of Events

Get to know Lancaster County’s incredible waterways! Learn, celebrate, and take action at dozens of events hosted by the incredible partners and organizations working to clean up and care for our streams and rivers!

Water Week Action Steps

Create Habitat

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Protect Water

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Explore Outdoors

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We need clean water to fish, swim and drink, but over half of Lancaster’s streams and rivers are polluted. The good news? We can solve this problem! As a community, we can each take three steps to clean-up our waterways!

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Photos by Michelle Johnsen

The Lancaster Clean Water Fund

The Lancaster Clean Water Fund serves as a catalyst for increased collaboration with partners to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of current and future clean water projects. Across Lancaster County, clean water is a priority. With over half of Lancaster County streams and much of our groundwater unhealthy, our community is Pennsylvania’s priority area for reducing specific pollutants (nutrient and sediment) by 2025 in accordance with Lancaster’s Countywide Action Plan (CAP). Over a quarter of Lancaster Water Week sponsorships go to support this fund.

The Lancaster Clean Water Partners is committed to reaching clean and clear water by 2040. The Lancaster Clean Water Fund provides a unique opportunity to work with landowners, leaders, and communities across the county on education, restoration, and protection projects to improve water quality. The fund supports projects that address clean water priorities as well as the pollution reduction goals in Lancaster’s CAP.

Grants range from $1,000 to $25,000.

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Water Connects Us All!

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Gear Up to Give Back to Our Streams & Rivers!

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